Demoni-CO is a Projet Based on the popular game Conquer Online
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 How To Connect

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PostSubject: How To Connect   Sun Mar 02, 2008 8:14 am

The server will be a clone of TQs, with 50X exp rates and 100X drop rates. potency will be there and lottery will cost either 5 Cps or 200k gold.
Heres how to Connect:

Make a Copy of your "Conquer 2.0" folder and name the copy DemoniCO.

replace the Server.dat with This one *Link Not posted yet

Create an account here

The Server.dat link is not yet posted yet as i have not released the server, and i shall not until the forum has more than 50 members.
dont forget to invite others and vote for is to make us more popular, the server will not be released until we have atleast 50 people with 10+ posts that have an account created.
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How To Connect
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